When we made the decision to subscribe to the Operation 36 program in 2017(Op 36 is a national program based in North Carolina that is licenses its framework to approved facilities.) Our goal was to establish Lansdowne as a flagship junior program within the network. In order to do this we knew that we would need to go far beyond the general framework of the program and what is standard.  As 2017 progressed, we used the feedback we received and the results we saw, to tweak the program to work better for your golfer’s development. As the year progressed we added weekly matches, additional class options, the Future 36 program and perhaps most notably the Lansdowne Cup and The Taylormade Race for the Cup. The Lansdowne Cup and the Taylormade Points race are two areas unique to the “Lansdowne version” of Op 36 and proved to produce very positive results with our juniors development. 


The Race for the Cup points race was a direct response to building in a system to help juniors persevere through challenges during their round and not quit, when they mathematically figured out they couldn’t hit they’re Op 36 target score of 36. While it accomplished that goal, it, (like its source of inspiration PGA Tour Fedex Cup) was not without flaws. One particular flaw to overcome is the dynamic of a golfer being handicapped in the points race due to progressing back through their yardages. Under the old system you would receive an initial boost from shooting that good score, but then the road became significantly more challenging to earn points when you played from a new yardage.  


That flaw also led our Academy team to examining the logistics of the way Operation 36 currently breaks out their yardage divisions(25, 50, 100, 150, 200, Full Tee Box). This one may seem benign at first, but with the golfers playing from the same starting yardage on each of their 9 holes in the round, this system was removing the most important part of the game of golf, decision making. Junior golfers playing at 50 or 100 yards would merely grab the one club in their bag for that yardage and use it 9 times in a row without being met with 9 different decisions at the start of each hole during the round. 

Our game plan moving foward: 

After using 2017 as a pilot year we’ve made two changes that we feel will significantly improve the program and your juniors moving forward. The most significant change is the restructuring of the yardage divisions.  We have replaced the single number yardages with a new range of yardages. We feel strongly that this will be significantly more beneficial for the golfer while still keeping the challenges balanced between attainable and challenging. These new divisions will also help to keep the playing field level for every golfer when it comes to scoring their performance in the Race for the Cup.  These new division will also better represent the challenges they will be facing as they develop towards high school golf.  In order to begin using these new divisions in 2018, we have to use week 1 as a qualifying week. During this week all juniors will compete from a yardage range of 25-100 yards. Based on their scores they will be placed into their appropriate divisions based on the scoring module below. This method will help us improve the experience for the juniors and keep the competition fair throughout the season amongst all the juniors. 


We are extremely sensitive to the fact the many juniors reached significant accomplishments during 2017. Please understand that these adjustments in no way reduce or diminish their significance or importance. These adjustments are merely a step in making sure that we are preparing your golfers for the challenges they will face in the future and to help them become complete golfers while being able to keep a fair and accurate playing field during the entire 2018 season and beyond.



New Operation 36 Yardage Divisions are as follows:

Division 1 – 25 -75 yards

Division 2 – 75-125 yards

Division 3 – 125 – 175 yards

Division 4 – 175- 225 yards

Division 5 – Full Tee Box (Front Tee first)



Qualifying Match Yardage 25-100 Yards

Qualifying Scoring Module

25 and under – Division 4 

26 – 29 = Division 3

30 – 36 = Division 2

37 – over – Division 1 



If you have questions or concerns about the new structure please let us know. We feel confident about the benefits of this system and we want to take the time to clearly explain it to each parent  and child that has any questions or concerns about it. Also see the links below to access the information flyers for each season.


All the best,

Brian Rogish, PGA