Future 36ers

Our growing program of junior golfers has seen a spike in each of the (2) semesters that we have had this past year. It is our hope and goal to continue this trend into the Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters! Future 36ers is an intro to golf class for juniors in the 3-6 year age range built off of the Operation 36 teaching model. Educating junior golfers on the basic information of ‘how to hold the club properly’, ‘where to stand’, ‘how to get the golf ball into the air’, and ‘golf safety’, are some of the important topics covered in this early-development program. There are a variety of different ways that this can be done, and with the access to many different areas of the golf facility, and staff creativity, this program is entirely designed to show your junior how to make golf fun!

Please contact Brian Rogish for additional information.